Therefore I Am podcast

A weekly look into the headspace of two popcorn psychologists trying to understand the oddity that is the human experience. It will be funny (sometimes) and thought provoking (maybe). We talk about things that influence us, inspire us, challenge us, and make us laugh. We hope there is something that interests you along the way. - E&D
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Dec 26, 2015

We're back just in time for the holidays! This episode we do some heavy lifting and we tackle the mythos and irony of The White Genocide, we take a look into Trumpism, and we discuss a certain kind of nostalgia. So pour some more Bailey's into that coffee and snuggle up for another lively conversation. Peace on earth :) 

Dec 15, 2015

This episode we introduce each other to the audience, we review the movie Creed, and we discuss the misconception of evolutionary progress. More good times hanging out with Ed and Dan!

Dec 8, 2015

Today's episode we discuss our excitement about the new movie Creed, the concept "cognitive dissonance", and we introduce a new segment called The Preachings & Teachings of The Dr. Reverend Kanye West. Enjoy the show!

Dec 2, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast! This is a dialogue between two people exploring their journeys as humyns. We just talk about things that influence us, inspire us, challenge us, and make us laugh. Put another way, it's about ideas, current events, films, music, social issues, comedy, and really anything we find interesting. We hope you will find it interesting too. We would love to have you along for the ride. - E&D

Dec 2, 2015

Today's episode we talk about the evolutionary idea of "mismatching". Daniel forces us to talk about the age old debate; sandwiches vs. hot dogs. We get real deep on the subject of video gaming, and whether or not it is a complete waste of time. And finally, Ed geeks all the way out about Fallout 4 and how he hopes to play it before the year 2020. Enjoy!